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Well, I started this blog to show people what it's like to actually follow a diet and it kind of progressed to where I plan on updating my blog and posting new stuff. I'm a college student living in South Jersey majoring in Engineering and I love pro wrestling and art. Yep, that pretty much covers it.


Friday, July 18, 2008

What I ate today

Now today I remember what I ate, and so I feel that putting this up will help others who are seeking to lose weight as well.

Breakfast at 11:00 AM
Special K Strawberries and 8 oz whole milk
cup of coffee (black, Maxwell House 1/2 caffeine)

Lunch at 2:00PM
Special K cinnamon and Pecans & 8 oz whole milk
16 oz glass of ice water
coffee (same as before)

Dinner at 5:00 PM
Cup of Noodles Souper Bowl Beef Flavor (both servings...^^;)
12 oz glass of Canada Dry

Night at 8:00 PM
Special K Strawberries with 8 oz whole milk
coffee (same)
16 oz of ice water

Sadly, I did no exercise, but starting tomorrow I will take advantage of having On Demand and use the Exercise TV programs to get my fat ass into shape!